Tanya Lokshina

Associate Director, Europe and Central Asia Division
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Tanya Lokshina, associate director for Human Rights Watch’s Europe and Central Asia division, is based in Moscow. Having joined Human Rights Watch in January 2008, Lokshina authored several major reports on egregious abuses in Russia’s North Caucasus region and co-authored a report on violations of international humanitarian law during the 2008 armed conflict in Georgia. Her recent publications include a range of reports, news releases and dispatches on Russia’s vicious crackdown on critics of the government, escalation of public protests and abuses against peaceful protesters in Belarus, and violations of international humanitarian law during the armed conflicts in eastern Ukraine and Nagorno-Karabakh. Lokshina is a recipient of the 2006 Andrei Sakharov Award, “Journalism as an Act of Conscience.” Her articles have been featured in prominent Russian and foreign media outlets, including CNN, the Guardian, Le Monde, the Moscow Times, Novaya Gazeta, and the Washington Post. Lokshina’s books include Chechnya Inside Out and Imposition of a Fake Political Settlement in the Northern Caucasus. In 2014, her article on the abusive virtue campaign against women in Chechnya was published in Chechnya at War and Beyond (Routledge Contemporary Russia and Eastern Europe Series).